445-0756222 NCR S2 Cassette ATM Machine Parts

NCR S2 Cassette,Black,Plastic lock
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445-0756222 NCR S2 Cassette ATM Machine Parts

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new original
3 months

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445-0756222 NCR S2 cassette445-0756222 NCR S2 Cassette ATM445-0756222 S2 Cassette ATM Parts

Our Services

1.Diebold,Wincor Nixdorf,NCR,NMD,Hitachi,Fujitsu,OKI ATM parts selling.

2.Production of ATM parts.

3. New, original,refurbished and used ATM equipment parts .

4. Repairing and refurbishing service .

5. ATM upgrading solution.

6. Technical consultation and training.

Why you choose us? 

●1.More than 20 years of Industry Experience.

●2.Professional Trained Engineers 120 Factory Work force.

●3.More than 10,000 ATM modules and 30,000 ATM parts products.

●4.About 10,000 sq.m Factory Building and over $30 million mechanized equipment.

●5.Strict quality control and management, ensure our products to meet customers requirements.

●6.Providing ATM Solutions across thousands customers and Covering 165 Countries.

Our company

Tiger Spare Parts Co., Ltd. specializes in the sales and manufacture of ATM spare parts.  Founded in 1996 in China, Tiger supplies new original, generic and refurbished ATM spare  parts and modules, as well as whole ATM machines. We have developed good relationship with  major ATM brands such as NCR, Wincor, Diebold, Hyosung, Hitachi, GRG, Fujitsu,etc., and  gained good reputation in the industry.
Our factory Zhuhai Yinzhi Mould Co. Ltd has the capability of manufacturing parts per  customers’ specifications. With in-house mould facility, we are able to produce spare  parts from scratch.
Welcome everyone to visit our company.


Q1. What’s the condition of your product?

A: Generally we can provide 4 conditions: new original, new generic,original used and original refurbished.


Q2.Does your product have a warranty?

A: Yes. Every product have a warranty, normally it is 3 months.


Q3. Do you have your own factory?

A: Yes. We have our factory, located in Zhuhai. We do the refurbishment by ourselves and We can build the molds and fixtures.


Q4. What’s the lead time of your product?

A: Normally it is 1-5 days after payment. The lead time is related to the quantity you ordered.

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Leave a message
If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.